Rehearsal Information for Players


St. James’s Church, Sussex Gardens, London, W2 3UD
Nearest tubes: Lancaster Gate and Paddington

COVID considerations

We are not planning to socially distance the orchestra, but request the following:

  • Please would everyone take a free lateral flow test in the 24 hours before the start of the rehearsal, notify me if the result is positive and do NOT attend (no need to notify me if the result is negative)
  • It is important that you do not attend if you:
    • have tested positive for COVID-19 in the last 10 days
    • believe you may be infected with COVID-19, whether you have symptoms or not
    • have experienced symptoms in the last 10 days
    • have been in close proximity with anyone who has experienced symptoms in the last 10 days
    • have arrived in England in the last 10 days from a country where English quarantine restrictions apply
    • have been instructed to self-isolate
  • Please wear a mask while moving around inside the church; you may remove this once in your seat, although string and percussion players may choose to wear it while playing
  • Please spend breaks out of the church, or at a minimum, e.g. if it is raining, wear a mask unless actually eating or drinking

 We cannot arrange to seat everyone at least 2m from everyone else and are planning to set up the orchestra as in pre-COVID days but if anyone would like their seat to be a bit further from others than usual, and if string players would rather play in a desk of their own:

  • Please let me know by Tuesday 14th September at 18:00
  • Turn up at least 15 minutes before the start of your rehearsal time to ensure that you have the space you need
  • String players, if you would like to sit in a desk of your own, please print your part as we may not have sufficient parts otherwise


There is no parking at the church and parking near the church is limited.  If you bring a car, you will not be permitted to park it in the church grounds.  Details can be found here. The church is very near Lancaster Gate tube (about 3 mins walk) and not far from Paddington (c. 7 min walk) so unless absolutely necessary we suggest that people use public transport where possible.  Please check for planned tube closures.


As always, we won’t be charging a formal subscription fee, but we do depend on donations from the orchestra to cover the venue, music and equipment hire.  We really DO rely on players’ contributions to keep the orchestra afloat, especially this year, when we will not have a sizeable paying audience.  Our suggested donation is £15, but if you can afford more, that would really help the orchestra.  If £15 is too much, then any contribution, no matter how small, would be most welcome.  If possible, please would you transfer funds electronically to the bank account below, adding a reference including your surname and instrument so that we know where the money has come from:

Barclays – Account Number: 3088 6629

If that’s not possible, we will be collecting cash or cheques on Saturday too.


We are not playing a formal concert, but are planning a run through of the symphony at approximtely 17:00.  If you would like to invite friends / family, we would ask that people take lateral flow tests along the lines of for the orchestra, and that groups maintain a distance from each other and the orchestra.  We would suggest a donation of £5 into the LShO bank account (details above) for any audience members; more is always welcome!


Here is the confirmed schedule.

10:15: Setting up
11:00 – 13:00: Strings & Woodwind
13:30 – 14:15: Brass
14:15 – 16:45: Full (Strings, woodwind, brass, percussion); break at some point in the middle of this session
17:00: Informal performance: Full
17:45: Tidy up & finish

Please stay around afterwards if possible to get the church tidied up and seating back into its usual layout. Please don’t leave it all to the committee members, so that they can get to the pub along with those of you who choose to go!

Dress Code

None, as we’re not doing a formal concert

Parts and stands

Please bring a music stand and any parts in your possession.  String players should also bring any practice parts they have printed out in case we find ourselves short.  If you have not received the link to the parts or cannot access the files on the website, please let me know.  Please make sure you only use soft pencils on all the parts.

Cello and Double Bass Spikes / Percussion

All instruments with spikes and any equipment resting on sharp edges must use floor protectors.  Please bring these with you.


We usually provide coffee, tea and biscuits but due to COVID we will not be doing so this year, so please bring any food or drink that you need with you.  Please be aware that no food or drink is allowed on the altar.

I hope that this covers everything, but should you have any queries or note any inaccuracies, please mail me at  See you all on Saturday.