Rehearsal Information for Players

NOTE – this information, which is based on arrangements for our last few concerts will be updated before the next concert in September 2021.


There is no parking at the church and parking near the church is limited. If you bring a car, you will not be permitted to park it in the church grounds. Details can be found here. The church is very near Lancaster Gate tube (about 3 mins walk) and not far from Paddington (c. 7 min walk) so unless absolutely necessary we suggest that people use public transport where possible. Please check for planned tube closures.

Name and Contact Details

Please confirm how you would like your name to appear in the programme and if you haven’t already done so, let me have your contact number in case we need to contact you on the day.

Publicity and Tickets

As in previous years, our main two sources of income are subs / donations (see below) and ticket sales. Please help to make this another great concert by inviting along friends, family and colleagues. Tickets are £14 (£10 concessions and £5 for anyone up to and including 15). Some concerts have been a sell out and it would be great to see a full house again. If each of us sold 4 tickets, we would more than fill the church! Tickets are available here; we will have some available for sale at the first rehearsal and tickets will, of course, be available on the door. Those of you who are Facebook or Twitter savvy, please invite your friends to join these groups and invite them to the event itself. Email out a copy of the poster. For the less technology savvy, pick up the phone / text / do whatever you need to do to encourage a full house!


As previously, we won’t be charging a formal subscription fee, but we do depend on donations from the orchestra to cover the venue, music and equipment hire. We really DO rely on players’ contributions to keep the orchestra afloat. Our suggested donation is £20, but if when the cap is handed around, you can afford more, that would really help the orchestra. If £20 is too much, then any contribution, no matter how small, would be most welcome. We will be collecting on both days and cash or cheques payable to ‘London Shostakovich Orchestra’ are equally welcome. Even easier would be to transfer funds electronically to the bank account below:

Account Number: 3088 6629
Sort Code: 20-80-14
Please add a reference including your surname and instrument so that we know where the money has come from.

Rehearsal Schedule [DATE]

The following is a DRAFT schedule for the rehearsal day. No harps, percussion, timps or keyboard are likely to be required.

09:00: Setting up & coffee / tea
09:30: Strings only
11:30: Woodwind
12:00: Strings & Woodwind
13:00: Brass
13:30: Full (Strings, woodwind, brass)
15:40: Break
15:55: Full (Strings, woodwind, brass)
18:00: Finish

Rehearsal Schedule Concert [DATE]

The following is a DRAFT schedule for the concert day.

13:00: Setting up & coffee / tea
13:30: Strings only
14:30: Full – including all percussion and extras
15:30: Percussion only (Shostakovich)
16:00: Full – Shostakovich (including percussion, harps, piano)
18:00: Finish

19:30: Concert

Do please stay around afterwards on both days if possible to get the church tidied up and seating back into its usual configuration. If everyone helps out, it takes no time at all. Please don’t leave it all to the poor committee members, who have put in a lot of time already, and also like to get to the pub in time for last orders!

Parts & stands

Please bring a music stand on both days and any parts in your possession. String players should also bring any practice parts they have printed out in case we find ourselves short. If you have not received the link to the parts or cannot access the files on the website, please let me know. Please make sure you only use soft pencils on all the parts.

Cello & Double Bass Spikes / Percussion

All instruments with spikes and any equipment resting on sharp edges must use floor protectors. Please bring these with you.

Concert Dress

Long black for women, black bow-ties and DJs for men.

I hope that this covers everything, but should you have any queries or note any inaccuracies, please mail me at

London Shostakovich Orchestra